The WOW factor

How often in life do we experience truly exceptional service? I don’t suspect very often but when we do, it leaves an impression and we can’t stop talking about it for days. I recently had such an experience at a nail salon where everything from temperature of the water to friendliness of employees and the quality of work was perfect. I walked out of the salon feeling amazed at the attention to every detail that the owner of this small business put into her business. It reminded me of an important lesson from my childhood. Growing up, my father had always said “it doesn’t matter what profession you choose in life. If you want to be a shoemaker, be one. Just make sure that you are the best one there is.”

Another thing it reminded me was just how important it is for us to recognize and thank those small businesses who put effort into WOWing their customers and take pride in their work through our praise, reviews and tips. It’s these entrepreneurs who are keeping the American dream of the small mom/pop neighborhood store alive while overall quality of products and services in our lives is constantly on a decline.

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