Who is more FREE?


A girl who covers her face to represent her culture and religious beliefs or a teenager who dresses like a porn star to express her freedom?

Perhaps the answer is neither. I wont be a hypocrite. I have never worn a niqab myself and have had my fair share of partying and dressing provocatively. I have often wondered though if taking your clothes off to express freedom is freedom at all and if we should think twice before labeling women in other cultures as being oppressed. Maybe, there are other ways to express oneself than revealing your body.

2 thoughts on “Who is more FREE?”

  1. Another critically important. Dressing too provocatively is not freedom. It’s a desperate desire to show that you are free which by itself is a sign of lack of freedom. I know for a fact that many Muslim women choose to dress the way do and not because someone forces them to be covered head to toe. When a Western girl dresses a certain way to rebel just for the sake of showing that she can, she is not free. She is a slave of her own past, where she felt restricted and oppressed.

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