The invisible hand

A very wise man once told me that as I go through life, there will be moments when all of a sudden someone or something would come into my life out of nowhere and help change the course of my life in significant ways. He said that moments like this happen very few times in life and you have to be prepared to take a leap of faith and benefit from whatever it is that nature has planned for you. I recently had such an experience when I was struggling with a tough personal decision and could not decide the best path forward. Then all of a sudden, things just fell into place on their own and it was as if an invisible force in nature was working in my favor to make everything alright. My story might sound a little naive and irrational. I can’t help though but think back to what this wise man once said to me. Sometimes in life we run into challenges that seem beyond our comprehension and push us to our limits. In those instances, it helps to remember that we don’t have nearly as much control over our lives as we think we do and things have a way of somehow just working out.



5 thoughts on “The invisible hand”

  1. Absolutely, I truly believe there is an invisible hand that sometimes pushes us to go through paths, which may be trying at times, but never through anything that we cannot handle. Excellent entry cuteshaikh!

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