What’s in a journey

It’s amazing to me that sometimes I have an idea and start writing but what I end up with is completely different from the original idea that inspired the writing. It makes writing so much fun because you are letting your mind wander and think creatively without worrying about the final outcome. Often in life, we are too focused on the outcome and miss out on enjoying the journey. We are so worried about passing that exam or getting that next promotion that we miss out on appreciating day to day interactions with our friends and colleagues. We don’t want to be late to a meeting, so we don’t stop to appreciate a beautiful sunrise or smell of fresh flowers as we walk by them because we are focused on getting to our destination. I have often felt jealous of people who can live in the moment and enjoy the world around them without obsessing about the future. The beautiful thing about the human mind is that we can learn to accept and be happy with most outcomes and the difference between two different outcomes on our happiness is not nearly as big as we think. What if someone thought they wanted to be the next CEO and focused all their time and energy towards it? Instead, life took its course and they ended up being a community leader, a parent and a mentor to children in their community. I believe that their level of happiness and satisfaction with their lives will not be based on the outcome of whether they became the next CEO or not. What will matter in the end is how they chose to live their life every day and if they remembered to enjoy that journey along the way. So, the next time you find yourself focusing too much on the end goal, remember that the journey of how you get there is more important than the goal itself.

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