Top 3 Parks To Visit In Miami Beach For Free

If you are like me, and visiting Miami Beach for its warm weather and natural beauty rather than the party scene, then you will sure love the beautiful sight of palm trees and lush gardens in this lovely city. Taking a mini stroll through the parks while watching the sunset has been my favorite activity while visiting here especially since I get to enjoy these stroller walks with my 5 months old daughter, Zadie. Here are my top 3 favorite parks you should definitely visit. I promise that these will be worth the walk and make for some good photography.

  1. Lummus Park

Lummus Park is the obvious No. 1 choice because you cannot beat its location nestled between the beach and Ocean drive. The Palm Trees are breathtaking and provide excellent shade from the sun for a mini rest break during the day. The park is close to all the bars, restaurants and the people watching scene on Ocean Drive; so you will sure be entertained. It runs along Ocean Drive from about 6th to 14th streets and the beach boardwalk brings you right to it. Plus there is a friendly Starbucks right on Ocean drive for your morning coffee. Here are some pics of Zadie and I enjoying our daily hangouts in this park.

  1. South Pointe Park

This is a really pretty walk along the pier with beautiful sunset views of the water, the beach and the Miami skyline. You will see people fishing, boat watching, cycling and families picnicking. The area has a relaxing and chill vibe and is very quiet for a perfect evening retreat. We saw some hammocks out and locals exercising while taking in gorgeous views of Fisher Island.

  1. Collins Park

I happened to come across this park because I was staying at the Redbury hotel on Collins Avenue. The brightly colored art installation immediately captures your attention and then you notice these impressive, giant trees on the South side that look like they are out of a movie. Coming from California, I am used to seeing giant Redwoods and these trees were impressive even for me. I might have just gotten lucky but the sunset view at this park was the prettiest I have seen in Miami beach.

So, there you have it: My Top 3 Recommendations For Parks To Visit In Miami Beach For Free. If you have visited any of these parks, please share what you think and what else would you recommend? For more helpful travel tips, subscribe to my blog at or follow me on facebook, instagram and youtube.

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