All my life, I have moved from one place to another. My father’s job in Pakistan would take us everywhere from big cities to remote villages. I spent part of my childhood at a Christian boarding school as a Muslim girl in beautiful hills of Murree. At age 16, I moved to Pelham, Alabama and got my first taste of this far away land called America that I had always dreamed of. I then went on to experience California as a teenager in rough neighborhoods of Richmond and Vallejo to making lifelong friends in the dorms of UC Berkeley, sailing the San Francisco bay, marrying a 5th generation Texan and becoming a corporate executive and entrepreneur.

As a female raised in a conservative culture and having assimilated with American values, I have gained unique experiences and perspective that I wish to share with you through this blog. In November of 2020, I was blessed with a little baby girl, Zadie Sheikh Hedstrom, and becoming a parent has inspired me even more to educate, learn and share my life experiences with other moms. I am passionate about empowering women to achieve their dreams and support each other.

I hope that you will join me in this journey and share your own unique experiences, ideas and stories.

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