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Why I Started BaylifeMama

My inspiration for BaylifeMama is my wonderful daughter, Zadie. Becoming a parent has inspired me to educate, learn and share my life experiences with others. I am passionate about diversity and empowering everyone to achieve their dreams and support each other. Join me on this journey and let’s have some fun! 

My Dream Wedding Planned In Under 6 Months

You don’t need years to plan your dream wedding. Nestldown is hands down the best wedding venue in Northern California. The majestic redwood trees are breathtaking, the ponds and lush gardens are impeccable and who doesn’t want their very own train for the grand entrance?

A quick tour of Malaysia’s scenic Penang Hill from the Sky Terrace that is only accessible by a funicular train climbing the world’s steepest tunnel track. A protected tropical rainforest with panoramic views. Bonus: There are lot of monkeys and other wildlife to see as well. 

Sailing The Three Bridge Fiasco Race In San Francisco Bay

We have an annual tradition in the Hedstrom family to sail the Three Bridge Fiasco race on my birthday. Racing in San Francisco Bay during winter usually rewards patience, and January 30th’s Three Bridge Fiasco is no exception. I steered the whole time!

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