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The space in between

Sometimes in life, we find ourselves stuck in between choices. We go on with our days but somewhere behind the...

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“Did you know that I also make YouTube videos? If you are not one for reading blog articles, my short videos give you the skinny on my latest travel adventures, life hacks and practical parenting tips. Of course, I would love to hear what you think and which topics you would like me to talk about. Subscribe to my channel and have fun with me!


All my life, I have moved from one place to another. My father’s job in Pakistan would take us everywhere from big cities to remote villages. I spent part of my childhood at a Christian boarding school as a Muslim girl in beautiful hills of Murree. At age 16, I moved to Pelham, Alabama and got my first taste of this far away land called America that I had always dreamed of. I then went on to experience California as a teenager in rough neighborhoods of Richmond and Vallejo to making lifelong friends in the dorms of UC Berkeley, sailing the San Francisco bay, marrying a 5th generation Texan and becoming a corporate executive and entrepreneur.

As a female raised in a conservative culture and having assimilated with American values, I have gained unique experiences and perspective that I wish to share with you through this website. In November of 2020, I was blessed with a little baby girl, Zadie Sheikh Hedstrom, and becoming a parent has inspired me even more to educate, learn and share my life experiences with others. I am passionate about empowering everyone to achieve their dreams and support each other.

Join me in this journey and share your own unique experiences, ideas and stories. Let’s have some fun!

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